Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Republicans Vs. Democrats: Your choice is really simple!

It's really simple, folks. The choice between voting for democrats and Republicans really is like this:

Vote for Republicans/Tea party/Libertarians if you believe:

  • Women should not be equal to men in terms of Employment, should not have access to abortion, and should not make the same wages for the same job that a man does, even if they outperform men.
  • White people of Anglo-Saxon descent should get preferential treatment over racial minorities.
  • Gay people have no place in society.
  • One group's "religious liberty" includes the right to discriminate, and deprive gays or other groups of employment, housing, access to government services.
  • The taxes collected from you should not go to help anyone else that you don't know, don't care about, or hate.
  • That America needs to be restored to a Christian nation, and that all aspects of society need to be run by biblical laws.
  • That as many aspects of the government must be privatized for profit.
  • That Profit is the only valid way to measure any person or program's success, and the only valid motivation for doing anything.
  • That public school is a total failure, because teachers are all lazy and concerned only with their giant salaries, and our kids are all too stupid.
Vote for Democrats if you believe:

  • That government and society should be all-inclusive; that no person can be denied a job, house, or government access on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexuality, handicapped status
  • That women should be considered equal to men in terms of employment, government access, healthcare, and have access to abortion if that is their desire.
  • That all persons in the USA are treated equally under the law, reguardless of age, sex, ethnic background, sexuality, handicapped status, veteran status, etc.
  • No person or group has the liberty to deny the same access to jobs, housing, government access, for any reason.
  • All citizens should get equal access to public education, and that the system should be fixed (because conservatives deliberately ruined it for selfish profit motives) to educate everyone to world-class standards.
  • America is not an exclusively Christian nation, and we should allow people of all faiths to have equal access to employment, housing, and access to government.
  • Profit is a poor motivator and a poor way of measuring success. Some things are worth more than their ability generate a profit, and sometimes, government needs to do things that are commercially unprofitable because the results benefit the people. Government is not a business, and should not be run for profit.
Now I'm pretty sure that everything I've said about the Democratic/liberal point of view on here is correct, since I am a God-damn liberal son-of-a-bitch, myself, but how well did I do describing the Republican point of view here? I'd like to know. I don't want to be accused of misrepresenting the opposition.

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