Friday, June 19, 2015

The Emanuel Church Massacre: Is Dylan Roof just insane?

Many (white) people are trying to justify (write off) Dylann Roof as "an insane person" (what white people are called when they do acts that non-white "terrorists", "thugs", and "monsters" do).

I say that though he may or may not be insane, the point is that he felt comfortable, emboldened, and justified as if it were his duty to massacre 9 innocent people.

What made him feel this way? I suggest the following people:

All of these individuals and organizations have publicly given lip-service to racist ideas, which inspire, embolden, and motivate racists all over the country, whether they're police officers or 21-year-old losers like Dylann Roof. Some of the factually bankrupt ideas they have promoted, often using coded language, are:

  • Mexicans are "Invading" the country.
  • Illegal immigrants are "stealing" jobs.
  • Black people are inclined to criminal behavior, because lots of them are in prison.
  • Black people are more violent.
  • Not showing proper respect to cops is justification for being shot to death.
  • Obama wants to take money from white people and pay reparations to blacks (Yes, it was said, and by high-profile Republican elected officials)
  • Obama will take away your guns.
  • Obama has a deep-seated hated of white people.
  • You'd better prepare for the coming race war.

You can't deny all of this evidence, or say that this is all just speculation or that none of these facts are connected. If you try to say that, you run into the problem of the sheer mass of the evidence. This article merely scratches the surface of America's hard-to-deny, long-running racism problem.

As a society, I feel that we really need more public shaming of racists. We should not allow racists, sexists, or homophobes to have platforms in the media where they can air their views, unchallenged, or try to cover-up their racism by trying to explain it using coded language, hidden behind a cloak of socioeconomic terminology. If we really are going to get rid of racism in this country, we need to intellectually kick racist politicians and commentators, along with radio and TV pundits in the face or balls with their own racist comments, and force them to either own up to it, or take the walk of shame (when they rip their mics off, and angrily storm out of the interview).

We don't need more political correctness. We need to develop the testicular fortitude to stand up to racists in politics and media, get involved in publicly shaming them, and publicly debating them, so their horrible views can be outed. We need to be mercilessly rude in calling their views what they are (racist, sexist, homophobic), and not letting them weasel out of what they said.

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